Rebecca Johnson Seminars

Picture from IISL (Oñati)

Seminars of Rebecca Johnson will be held in the CISR on 16th and 17th of February:

  1. 16.02.12 / 13:00 -Judging Disagreement: Interrogating Judicial Dissent at the Supreme Court of Canada (together with Marie-Claire Belleau);
  2. 16.02.12 / 17:00 – Religion, Sexuality, and Longing in Tony Kushner’s Angels in America;
  3. 17.02.12 / 17:00 – Living Deadwood: Imagination, affect and the persistence of the past.

Professor Johnson teaches Criminal Law, Business Associations, Legal Process and Law and Film at the University of Victoria. Current research projects include a study of judicial decision making (and particularly practices of dissent); an exploration of the economic imaginary in legal and popular culture; a study of cinema as a site of intercultural legal encounter; and an interrogation of the operation of sexuality as a flashpoint in debates around religion and diversity.

Professor Johnson, currently a Visiting Professor at the Birkbeck School of Law in London (UK), is on leave from the Faculty of Law until June 30, 2012.



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